Friday, 19 April 2013

Tour Diary Part 2: Talking Catch that Pigeon Paranoid Blues

The Barfly in London was another story, it's in Camden in London for anybody that don't know that place. It's the place in London to go to if you have any fetish that needs a fixin’ you can get it fixed in Camden. It’s also got some cool venues and the Barfly is a venue most bands play in at some stage. 

Was a great vibe at the gig and the bands on the night sounded good. They may have over done it with the smoke machine, pumping that crap out, but then again Dave's hotel room looked a bit like that.

There's that pigeon again

Pigeon feathers all over the place with Sting on full blast, as Dave repeatedly asks the Pigeon why it's involved with a Coup d' etat! Good times. Good times! Ireland is next on the list. Hopefully see you there!

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