Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Dreamers Stadium Track by Track - ‘Oh Ah Yay’

‘Oh Ah Yay’ this song was written whilst I was driving, that happens to a
lot of stoned musician drivers too apparently. Even classically trained
musicians are known to write Oboe solos in their head on the way to
meet the gang for a latte and a 'creme de menthe'.
But this song came together very quick. The chorus for 'Oh Ah Yay' I
took from a Dublin girl on the radio, she had won a competition and just
kept repeating the line over and over with massive gasps in between at
what ever the DJ on that particular station was giving away for free –
perhaps a caravan? I played it at Denny's a few nights later and he
asked what the lyrics were in the chorus and I said 'Oh Ah Yay'. We
decided it was the worst possible title for a song and both agreed it had
to be on the album for that reason alone. Either way DJ's can’t
pronounce it, we've been asked to change the title by almost everyone
and we said 'Ah No Way'.

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